About Us


Ferroser Limited was established in October 2001 as a representative of Superior raw material, refractory and equipment suppliers from Europe, Mid-Asia and far-east especially for cement, iron and steel industry. Although Ferroser represents giant companies in the sector, she has also flexibility to assist to find alternative manufacturers from all over the world especially for mechanical equipment and spare parts. The company is also active in Glass, and Petrochemical industry to supply refractories , equipment etc.

Ferroser would like to be in all these sectors by providing after-sales service which satisfies the counter parts in commercial and technical terms. From the beginning of 2008 We have moved our office to an industrial area located at Asian side of Istanbul so that we have more flexibilty to make manufacturing of steel parts , welding processes , keeping stock for raw material and casting refractories.

Ferroser also started to manufacture tuındish nozzles by the technical support of Dyson Thermal Technologies in the year 2008. We only use the raw material supplied by Dyson Thermal for refractory side and also use galvanized steel cans to keep good quality nozzles. For coating of nozzles Moly Paul-900 is used which results very flat and sufficient surface finish.

We also represent Puyang Refractories which is one the biggest Refractory Supplier in the world and China from the year 2007 and now we are the main supplier of slide gate plates in Turkiye. We are still trying to improve the quality of our plates which we have have already made record performances in the steelplants.

We started research and development works for ladle and tundish mechanisms and completed the necessary investments in 2011 and now our mechanisms are used in most of the steelplants.

One of our main businesses is to supply graphite electrodes which is used for Electric Arc Furnaces in the steelplants. We represent HEG LIMITED from India which has the biggest electrode plant in the single location in the world.

We have started R&D works for Hardfaced Plates production four years ago and we have eventually managed to make these plates only by our own engineering and local raw material. For this application we use good quality plates made by Eregli Iron and Steel Works and high quality Chromium Powders from local suppliers. We obtain very effcient rich Chromium face by the method of Submerged Arc Cladding. We also manufacture equipments related with Cement sector here in Turkiye together with the technological assistance of suppliers which we represent here in Turkiye.

We also market tubular Cu moulds from Shinto Metal which is a part of Kobelco Group in Japan. Our main focuse is the customer’s satisfaction and we follow this route for all these branches.



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