Iron & Steel



  • CNC and CNM  tundish nozzles
  • Nozzle changing devices, mechanisms , complete installation including hydraulic and electric equipment.
  • Ladel Slide gate mechanisms (Flocon 4200-II and 6300-II)
Industries Services International (Japan)

Forged rolls for slab mills
Tubular cupper moulds for continious casting
Heg Limited (India)

Graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces
Graphite powder
Puyang Refractories (China)

Press shaped products ( shrouds, submerged nozzles )
Slide gate plates
Purging plugs
Refractories for converters and eaf
Refractories for tundish
More (Italy)

Eqipment for eaf
Coal Products Limited (England)

Repairing of coke ovens by ceramic welding technology
Fuchs Lubritech (England)

Refractory coatings
Oils for mechanical parts
Nutberry Limited (England)

Springs for ladle slide gate mechanims


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